Big Five Personality Traits. What is it and Why it matters?

Big Five Personality Traits

One of the hottest topics on the internet today is doing the big five personality traits test. Unfortunately, many people take the test for granted and manipulate their answers. Needless to say, their results often don't reflect their true nature. Many people refer to the test as the OCEAN or the CANOE test from the traits' initials. These traits come in a spectrum, so it's possible to score high or low in most categories. 

The 9 Enneagram Personality Types

enneagram personality types

Enneagrams are a popular way to categorize personalities. There are nine types, each with its own set of values, goals, fears, and ways of interacting with others and the world in general. Most people take the 9 Enneagram personality types online to know their type. Knowing your Enneagram type can help you learn more about yourself. You'll understand your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as what you can do to improve your personal and professional

Fingerprint Patterns

ulnar loop

Fingerprint patterns can identify one's personality. This pattern has been discovered and studied by scientists around the world. Personality related to fingerprints is innate personality or genetics. Here are some of the fingerprint patterns to reveal innate personality.