Bird Personality : Changeable Owl

owl bird personality

A person with "Changeable Owl" personalty is characterized by :

  • Fickle minded but they analyse and then take decisions after making their own judgement.
  • Careful, Prudent, Disciplined, Rigorous, Strong intuitional quality, is a perfectionist.
  • This type of person is reserved, work step by step following the prescribed order, finish something with their own logic, attention to intution. Seeking perfection is his personality, but changeable is his fatally flawed.
  • Changing ideas, eventually stagnating. Can give suggestion for this type of people that “Don't be influenced by others misgivings and fear”. Just go full steam ahead!. Because we can not have both fish and bear's paw in the same time, then you must know what your most need is "fish" or "bear's paw“.