Bird Personality : Owl

owl bird personality

If you are an owl type person, your common characteristics are :

  • Work/task oriented.
  • Discipline, thorough, meticulous, tend to be perfectionist
  • Conscientious in talking and tend to criticize.
  • Prioritize system and qualities
  • They use methodological approach, use strategies that are proven for their success.
  • Always complete the tasks they execute
  • Need rules and quality
  • Analyze and thereafter make a decision after performing an evaluation.
  • They choose to finish harder tasks than the easier ones.
  • They will not answer directly when asked, they will wait, analyze, and then answer
  • They will always consider the pros and contras over each situation
  • Able to implement their own skill
  • They will answer a question based on the person asking the question because they want their answers to be perfect
  • They will make a lot of consideration in decision making and that usually result in more time consuming for decision making
  • They will not escape from problem
  • Have extensive patience
  • They tend not to change their opinion once they made a decision on something, even if they experience conflict of conscious
  • Have multitasking ability
  • They want to accomplish more than two goals at one time
  • Can be motivated under good guidance
  • They can easily adapt


Owl is Motivated By

  1. Sufficient time availability to complete tasks
  2. Privacy, peaceful and tranquillity with minimum disturbance
  3. Chance to plan the future in details
  4. Surrounded by people with positive characteristics
  5. People who need and appreciate them
  6. Help others
  7. Seek for conflict solution


Owl Dislikes

  1. Criticism towards themselves
  2. Everything that is below standard, untidiness, disregard of quality
  3. Hastiness, change, obscurity, reckless behaviour
  4. Inaccurate, untrustworthy information, disregard of facts
  5. Incompetence, shortcuts utilization
  6. Immoderate mattes, inaccurate records, out of focus
  7. Talking about personal matters


How to Communicate With an Owl Type Person?

  1. When having discussion, prepare logic reasons, facts, and accurate data that can be acceptable for “owl” type people. “Owl” type people need “why” and “how” answers.
  2. Provide them with profit-loss, good-bad, pro-contra regarding the discussed topic.
  3. Avoid aggressive approach
  4. Avoid arguments
  5. Avoid incomprehensive reply
  6. Give credit for their work quality, accuracy and precision.


The Strengths of Owl Personality

  • Detail-oriented
  • Mindful
  • Curious
  • Meticulous
  • Calm
  • Introverted
  • Determined
  • Careful
  • Conservative


The Weaknesses of Owl Personality

  • Distrusting
  • Self-centered
  • Indecisive
  • Vindictive
  • Short-sighted

Owl Career Match

  • Accountant
  • Architect
  • Airplane Pilot
  • Job Analyst
  • Physical Assistant
  • Medical Record Technician
  • Nurse, General Duty
  • Nurse, Licensed Practical
  • Secretary
  • Environmental Analyst
  • Mail Clerk
  • Painter
  • Caseworker
  • Biochemist
  • District Ext. Service Agent
  • Geologist
  • Historian