Bird Personality : Peacock

peacock bird personality

If you are a peacock type person, your common characteristics are:

  • Social-related oriented. Commonly the type of person that likes to have long conversation although there are some that look quiet but usually have good communication skill and able to influence others.
  • Can easily adapt and adjust with the environment
  • Prefer to meet people directly rather than having long distance conversation or via phone.
  • Honest and loyal
  • Not much of a listener and often have extensive talks about personal stories or humorous.
  • They can easily change their mind
  • Usually express themselves in art.
  • Simple, peaceful, and pragmatic (likes to handle problems in practical way in their own way)
  • Emotional & sensitive
  • Like music and have artistic natural talent
  • Filled with curiosity
  • Enjoy challenge
  • They are flexible in emotion
  • Act spontaneous with impulsive energy
  • They have great enthusiasm on something, but not very committed in executing
  • They like to keep things in certain order so they can easily execute them.


Peacock is Motivated By

  1. New ideas and their way of working
  2. People who are interested in surprises they created
  3. Variety of work from day to day
  4. Opportunity to explore various options
  5. Creative and Innovative thinking
  6. The freedom to do what they like
  7. Sensation and challenge they are facing
  8. Manage various activities at once
  9. Spontaneities and flexibility for a quick change
  10. Busyness, activities, chaos situation, even the noise around them.

Peacock Dislikes

  1. Rejection, debate, conflict.
  2. Routine, boredom, something stagnant
  3. Narrow minded, narrow view of the world
  4. Pity for oneself
  5. Restrain, forcefulness
  6. Detailed and structured matters.
  7. Rules, fixed schedules

How to Communicate With a Peacock Type Person?

  1. Give them chance to express their ideas, experiences and other things that they would like to talks about because “peacock” type like to be appreciated by other people.
  2. Show that you like and admire them.
  3. Praise them sincerely. Give them support.
  4. In communicating, try to create enthusiastic atmosphere and be optimist.
  5. Avoid communication that tends to create conflict.
  6. Avoid communication that will make them feel dominated or their ideas are being ignored.
  7. Give them suggestions on what they should do because they tend to ask for assistance in many aspects.


The Strengths of Peacock Personality

  • Enthusiastic
  • Social
  • Charismatic
  • Open-minded
  • Talkative
  • Energetic
  • Competitive
  • Adventurous


The Weaknesses of Peacock Personality

  • Emotional
  • Scattered
  • Power-hungry
  • Selfish
  • Dominating
  • Controlling

Peacock Career Match

  • Actor/Actress
  • Reporter
  • Manager, Advertising
  • Insurance Sales
  • Training Representative
  • Clergy Member
  • Interior Design
  • Illustrator
  • Sales Agent
  • Preschool Teacher
  • Office Manager
  • Faculty Member
  • Home Economist
  • Arbitrator
  • Administrator, Health Care
  • Optometrist