Bird Personality : Mild Eagle

eagle bird personality

A person with "Mild Eagle" personality is characterized by :

  • Mild but strong cooperation
  • Authority
  • Courageous & confident
  • Willing to take challenges
  • Will march forward once the goal is identified
  • Is calm, cool, independent, rich experience and has keen intuition, strong determination, bold, like the pursuit of interpersonal calm, sensitive to emotions, sensitive, emotionally volatile
  • Communication with this type person should be done in a calm environment and with a little mild attitude
  • Good at talking with people but persistent obstinate
  • While communicating with them one must prioritize and try to complete the communication in one go. This communication should also be clear
  • Good is good, bad is bad, he does not like ambiguous expression, more direct
  • Communication is assertive and does not beat around the bush.