Bird Personality

Bird Personality is a concept of human personality introduced by Dr. William Marston, developed in the late 1920's. One's personality can be categorized by four major personalities such as Dove, Owl, Peacock, Eagle (DOPE) :

  1. Dove : patient and accommodating
  2. Owl : analytical and systematic
  3. Peacock : outgoing and enthusiastic
  4. Eagle : firm and direct

DOPE also generally known as the DISC personality (Dominant, Influence, Steady, Compliant). Eagle as Dominant, Peacock as Influence, Dove as Steady and Own as Compliant.

bird personality test

Bird Personality (DOPE) Test

So.. what is your bird personality? To reveal it, commonly most people use online test by answering a series of questions. Of course, you must be honest to answer all the questions to reveal your own bird personality. As we all know, the development of one's personality affected by innate and environment. An online test by answering a series of questions method will reveal the personality which is affected by the environment around you such as family, friends and so on. Visit DISC Personality Test page to reveal your personality based on this method. The personality you get by this method describe your present personality.

Another type of bird personality test is using fingerprint analysis method. In the fingerprints analysis, what is being analyzed is the profile attached to a person genetically (innate personality). Different from other test that requires a series of questions, the fingerprints analysis does not require questions or interviews due to it only demands for an observance on a person's fingerprints, therefore the results shall not be influenced by a person's psychological condition, such as mood swings, lies, manipulation of answers and other similar conditions.

Benefits of Bird Personality Test :

  • Help people to understand the behavior of others (spouse, children, friends etc). Helping you to work your best with other bird personalities.
  • Knowing your self-strengths and self-weaknesses.
  • Become more aware of their own instinctual responses to conflict.
  • Recruitment staff purpose. Learn their preferred way of making decisions.

Each of bird personality is divided into some personalities :

Mild Dove Mild Owl Mild Peacock Mild Eagle
Smart Dove Smart Owl Smart Peacock Smart Eagle
Brave Dove Brave Owl Brave Peacock Brave Eagle
Genius Dove Genius Owl Genius Peacock Genius Eagle
Wizard Dove Wizard Owl Wizard Peacock Wizard Eagle
Reverse Thinking Dove Reverse Thinking Owl Reverse Thinking Peacock Reverse Thinking Eagle
Changeable Dove Changeable Owl Changeable Peacock Changeable Eagle